Founding Fathers of Contemporary UK Recovery Movement

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This article was published in Druglink, September/October 2011As the organising principle for drug treatment, harm reduction was not rocket science. Provide needles and syringes to make contact with injection drug users and reduce the transmission of blood borne viruses. Provide maintenance medication to maintain that contact and cut crime. We did this and it worked. […]

Yin and Yang: Successful Completions and Recovery Communities

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Successive UK governments have been talking about ‘recovery’ from ‘addiction’ since the build up to the 2010 general election. This resulted in a target for recovery – a ‘recovery rate’ – that is defined as the number of people successfully completing treatment and not returning to treatment in the next 6 months. The ‘successful completions’ […]

Why psychiatry?

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This piece was primarily stimulated by conference presentation by Dr Colin Drummond that you can find on Lifeline’s FEAD website. If Colin thought that psychiatrists were demonized by commissioners and the NTA, he really needs to look and see what the recovery lobby have got to say about them. Anyway, somebody raised the question of […]

Successful Sid

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Successful Sid The English system of providing treatment to people with substance misuse problems is going through a period of challenge and change. The current system was built on the basis of fear. In the mid 1980s significant numbers of working class young men began to smoke heroin. Those who developed a taste for this new […]