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Discovering Health has been established by Mark Gilman who has over 30 years of research, policy and practice experience in designing health and social care systems to promote ‘recovery’ from ‘addictions’. Mark was the national lead for recovery in Public Health England (PHE). Mark left PHE in July 2015 in order to work in consultancy with a range of individuals and organisations dedicating to improving health and wellbeing and facing the challenges of health inequalities head on. Mark chose the term ‘Discovering’ health as opposed to ‘Recovery’ because it is clear that the road to health and wellbeing is a journey of discovery and progress. One of the first discoveries that people make is that they have more than one ‘addiction’ and they need to make progress on a range of health and wellbeing issues.

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  1. 3rd Way Commonwealth is a social enterprise with high growth potential. We enable people to work their way out of poverty. This has come from over 30 years’ experience running a family business in a region of high deprivation, providing employment (and mutual support) for people recovering from a wide range of issues. I also have personal experience of recovery from my own severe illness and supporting family members and friends recovering from serious illness. I have also been associated with Initiatives of Change for over 20 years. I am told that the 12 steps were originally inspired by what was Initiatives of Change community in the 1930s.

    There are 27 million properties across the UK that need to be refurbished. We are the only organisation with the advanced technologies to do this to the required 2050 standards and save 90% of energy costs and carbon. It’s that good you do not need a boiler. This is giving us a strategic lead to deliver refurbishments to meet increasingly demanding legal requirements for social housing, rented accommodation and new builds. We are working on a “Housing with Health” program to substantially alleviate energy poverty (2.3m people officially) by transforming the energy poor into the new energy rich. We are developing a more complete, holistic approach to enable people to improve quality of life and progressively flourish in community of which mutual support groups are an important factor. The key partners include social landlords, CCGs, Together Against Poverty, trainers and installers. The CCGs are very interested in us integrating digital healthcare measures and also the social benefits of the initiative. We are installing first pilots in Runcorn (Halton) and Liverpool over summer.

    This initiative will create “jobs, friends and houses” for others who are “discovering health”. Once production facility has the potential to create employment in manufacturing, office work and sales for anything from 30 to 100 people supplying 300 to 1,000 local installers. We are piloting this in Halton/Liverpool to demonstrate the model with a view to social franchising to enable local people to meet local needs connected digitally and socially across the UK and internationally.

    The trading companies are to be owned by the “Joy at Work Foundation”. We define “joy” as “sharing the happiness of others”. The Trust will encourage, develop and support people who are making a difference for others including those who are at step 12 of the 12 steps. This is known as Values Based Leadership (VBL) which is increasingly becoming recognised as the only catalyst available to take us into the future we all want to see. The Initiatives of Change community have over 80 years international experience in supporting VBL and a remarkable heritage.

    Your video presentation “Fixing Broken Britain” resonates with my life experiences and what we are doing. I believe together we could both achieve more. If this is of interest I would welcome an opportunity to exchange e-mails or meet up to discuss potential synergies and collaboration? We are applying for Horizon 2020 grant funding to help resource a consortium of lead partners to take this to scale. Our office is in Adlington, 5mins from the Reebok roundabout on the M61.

    My e-mail address is mike.k@3rdWay.coop

    T 01257 47428
    M 07708 460096

    We will not publish the website until we are ready for limited public launch in May.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Mike Knowles

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